Should non-game related gaming console questions be allowed? Some question might be "Does Blu-Ray work for XBox 360"?

Should these be allowed because they are a gaming console or are they better suited for the electronic gadget proposal? (or even super user)

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Note that SuperUser will take consoles-being-used-as-a-PC questions, e.g., installing Linux on your PS3. Console hardware questions aren't on-topic there outside a PC scope — installing Linux drivers for your optical drive is OK, asking whether the drive can play Blu-Rays is not. Like Juan I think we can handle the rest of the questions related to consoles.


I think it's a borderline topic, I'd say yes because it's related to consoles (which would make it off topic on super user) and consoles are exclusive to gaming.

note that PC hardware questions should belong on Super User – alexanderpas Jul 9 '10 at 8:37

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